How to Keep a Self-Storage Facility Safe?

Self-storage facilities are one of the hottest sectors in the real estate business, but it comes with its own challenges and safety concerns. There are a lot of reasons why people rent a storage unit. Whatever the reason, clients who look for these units should be assured of safety. And this means more than just having a padlock on. In this article, we explore how you can keep your storage facility safe, both for your tenants and you.

Keep your storage units neat and clean

This is often overlooked because it sounds like faint advice. Keep in mind that a sloppy, disorganized facility will attract tenants who think it is easier to break rules and get away with it because the management that doesn't seem to care. Keep it decent, well-swept, and free from unnecessary graffiti.

Document every activity

One of the best ways to protect both business and personal property is to create a list of everything you store. Every client should document their personal property as they unload it into the unit. If possible take photos as a backup. This way, you can easily know when things go missing.

Routine inspections

Conduct regular inspections and be sure to check for lights, locks, and fire hazards. Be sure is clearly indicated in the customer agreement that you reserve the right to conduct routine facility inspection, on a regular basis.

Provide good quality locks to your clients

Don't be a lazy service provider. Take time to research high-quality locks, and then recommend them to your clients. Be sure to identify low graded locks that thieves easily bypass them, then replace it with another one so it doesn't look like a crime had just been committed.

Advanced security measures.

Gated access, proper lighting, and onsite management send a message that your facility is well protected. However, if your clients plan on storing valuable items, then you may want to have advanced security features. Better security means having peace of mind. Replacing items after theft can be very expensive, therefore investing in upfront security will save you the cost.

Zero tolerance to live in renters

Live-in renters are the biggest challenge in this industry, I.e clients who think they can move in together with their property. There are more than enough reasons, why you should not tolerate live-in renters. First, you will be compromising their personal safety and the surrounding property.

Furthermore, property owners are held responsible, if anything happens to a live-in client while in your property. Modern society is known to have two major shortages-space and time. Secure self-storage facilities provide solutions to these problems. An ideal space should be equipped with all the necessary, features that will keep the tenant's mind at peace.

Anything that is limiting space and too valuable to be disposed should be kept in a storage facility. Self-storage is a great way to keep personal belongings. By having the above measures in place, your facility will be more appealing and reliable to customers.